Professional Pond Services

Got Green Water?  If you are having problems with either green, soupy water or string algae, we can help to resolve this nuisance. Our pond maintenance service will not only help with this problem, we will improve water quality, aesthetics and the performance of your ponds filtration system.  We use vacuums to clean the bottom of all waste materials which pollute the water.  We also can help heal sick fish you may have.  Our service package starts at only $75.00 per month (depending on size). 

Upgrade your ponds look:
Maybe you feel your pond could use a little updating.  We can add water plants to beautify the waterscape, from water lilies, horsetail and many other varieties to choose from.  We can also add cascading fountains, bell fountains and other water features.  Just let us know what you would like and we will make it happen.

Pond Packages:
Our pond services vary depending on the size and condition of your pond.  We will determine the cost of service at the time of visit. If a pond is in need of a major service, cost will be determined by the amount of time it takes to service your pond. All pond services include vacuuming bottom of pond, cleaning filters, pruning water plants, 20% water change, complete check of water quality parameters.

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