Professional Aquarium Services

We offer custom installation in both residential and commercial settings.  Our professional staff will help you decide what aquariums to choose from and what kind of setup best fits your needs. We will work with you on a budget and help you customize your aquarium, from saltwater to a freshwater oasis.

Maintenance Services:

Depending on whether it is freshwater or saltwater, our Aquarium Service Package starts at only $60.00 per visit.

1)  Our first package includes one hour of service, removal of algae, filter cleaning, both mechanical and chemical, full chemistry evaluation.  % water change depending on results of water quality.  Supplement addition. Fish check.

2) Our second package includes any calls for service with less than 24hrs of notice.
1 hour of service, additional fee if longer.  Removal of algae, filter cleaning.  Full chemistry evaluation. % water change depending on water quality results. supplement addition. Fish check.

Rates may vary depending on size of aquarium and amount of water used, please call for pricing.

Call us today at 714-616-6905, or fill out our online contact form.


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